With over a hundred different contact lens brands and types available on the market, the doctors at New Vision Optometry have determined a portfolio of lens options that provide the best comfort, vision and health to the eye.  Our doctors take a comprehensive approach at vetting new products and staying on top of cutting edge contact lens technology. 



Monthly and Two Week Disposable Lenses

The monthly and two week wear modality is the most common method in the United States for the patient that is a heavy contact lens wearer. The two week and monthly lens options provide a good balance of offering good vision and comfort while staying within a reasonable budget.  These contact lenses also provide the largest portfolio for addressing high prescriptions, astigmatism and near-far reading issues.

Daily Disposable Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are often the most convenient, comfortable and have expanded their prescription portfolio.  Doctors now can fit the majority of standard prescriptions as well as addressing near-far reading issues in some situations. For the patient looking for the most convenient and hygienic lens option, daily disposable lenses are a phenomenal option.

Gas Permeable Lenses

More common when contact lenses first arrived to the market, gas permeable contact lenses still offer some of the best vision clarity of all the lenses.  At a trade off of some comfort, the gas permeable lenses are truly a customized solution for the individual looking for the sharpest vision.