Dry eyes or more appropriately Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) can be a simple or much more complex condition that can cause significant discomfort and have a severe impact on quality of life and vision.  In the most recent years, the majority of discussion on Ocular Surface Disease has been on addressing the symptoms instead of addressing the root causes.  Diagnosis of the causes of the condition needs to be tackled systematically with a comprehensive evaluation of environment, ocular history and systemic health. Dry Eye Symptoms occur when there is a break down in 1) Tear Stability, 2) Increased Osmolarity (saltiness) 3) Cellular damage of the cornea (front of eye) and conjunctiva (white of eye) 4) Inflammation (resulting from damage or internally due to health conditions).  There is no one set treatment that works for every individual and requires a proper work up.  To determine if you have dry eyes take the following survey:

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Symptoms of dry eyes can include:
- Burning
- Stinging
- Itching
- Light Sensitivity
- Watery Eyes
- Painful Eyes
- Blurred Vision


Treatment options of dry eyes

As newer research is being assessed, we are finding that 80% of dry eyes is a combination of an evaporative mechanism due to a deficiency in the oil glands.  Home therapies and in office therapies have provided significant results in patients that have suffered chronically from dry eyes for years. Addressing the source of dry eyes in the eyelids with unique procedures as well as specially formulated nutraceuticals we have been able to address dry eye issues rapidly providing significant relief. Call our office for more information on our dry eye treatments.